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    New to foldables

    Hi guys

    I am from Singapore and is looking at the Fiday Tikit or the NWT

    Currently I am stuck in either one of them for purchase

    Mostly my use is commuting and travelling long distance, both had the advantages. Which one would I choose? Does the hyperfold better than the normal fold?

    Als has anyone manage to fit a larger than 16 inch wheel on the tikit, eg a 20 inch through some modification?

    Sorry for so much question, but I had done many searches and information is not conclusive

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    Hi there. The standard pocket bike fold is a pain for commuting if you have to fold often. Be sure to get the upgraded folding stem if you go for the NWT. The Tikit is an absolute dream for commuting with multiple folds. The only thing I can complain about on the Tikit is that I have thrown the chain several times jut going over rough road surface. The last time, I noticed the chain was literally perched right on the chainring protector--I was pedaling away and not going any faster, even though the chain was moving. It was truly a cartoon moment. Anyway, that's my only complaint about the ticket--the front chainring protector should be a little beefier to help hold the chain.

    So, to answer the original question, how much folding/unfolding will you do on your commute? For a shortish commute and several folds, go with the Tikit. That's what I do. I also have the Pocket Crusoe, and I should mention that it sometimes drops the chain when unfolding, even with my chain retainer. That makes for a PAIN to get the chain back on the ring. But the ride quality is awesome!

    And I never heard of 20" on a Tikit.
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