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    I have joined the fold. . . .kinda

    So I want to thank the BFs folding retinue for answering all of my many questions, the comments on carrying a folding bike upstairs and my somewhat scarce pocket change made my decision.

    I bought this bike

    It does not have a folding frame, however the handlebars and pedals fold, it is smaller than my LHT (though not much lighter) and is definitely easier to carry up the narrow stairs of my new apartment. With it folded and the seat post dropped it would fit in the trunk of most cars just fine.

    This was a NOS 2007 model bike of which little could be found on the net beforehand. I kinda took a chance with the idea of modding it to my taste later. So I will give first impressions now and add to this as I go along.

    My apologizes, my camera batteries are dead and the picture is lacking in detail, I am taking it on a pootle tomorrow and will rectify the pictures thing at that time.

    First off, even my bike shop could not give me component spec on this beforehand, some of their hardcopy said 7spd, some said 8spd. It is 8, the rear der is a "micros shift" which my mechanic believes is entry level sram. I would appreciate any info on this.

    NVM found them here.

    Never heard of them, would appreciate some input.

    Rear dropouts are 135, I can make this a shimano 9, which I may do, tires/wheels are 406.

    First impression

    I have never owned a folding or even a 20 inch bike since childhood. So the ride is weird to me. Not bad just different, my present bike is a small size Surly Long Haul Trucker with 26" wheels. This felt ok but the more upright position is gonna drive me nuts. Already looking at a longer stem and drop bars for this.

    The fit and finish are really quite nice, the included bag is one of the best trunk bags I have seen with 2 inside pockets, and outer pocket and expandable top pocket. The zippers are a little small but the overall quality is quite nice, might be made by Axiom, has their look to it. Second on the bag, the sides are quite thick foam, it seems almost insulated and by some trick of geometry seems to hold 8 standard 12 oz cans perfectly. (Draw your own conclusions) not like I immediately tried it out as a beverage cooler or anything.

    The gear range seems to be good, better high end than my LHT (if you ask numbers, I will snub you, I ride them, I don't do math) I will however count sprockets if asked. Triple front, 8 in the rear, I doubt I will ever use them all. Sweet spot for me in a dead flat town seemed to be big ring and 4 in the back or second ring and 6.

    The drive train is what I expected, adequate for most, lacking for me in crispness, and it has twist shift which I abhor. Already have have had some "ghost shifts" I expect a LX rear der, or 105 will make an appearance along with drop bars and bar end shifters. If the front der will take barends on friction it can stay.

    On the handlebar post, never rode one of these before, it seems "flexy" to me, I suppose this is normal, let me know if it isn't.

    Proposed changes

    LX or 105 rear der
    drop bars
    Kinetix Comp Wheels 9spd
    Alivio tires
    front rack (fork has mounts)
    canti brakes
    new brake levers (gotta do with drops)

    Feed back and questions wanted, apply here. Pics tomorrow.
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    Congrats. Looking forward to see the changes. Enjoy the fold.
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