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xrayzebra 07-24-11 04:26 PM

If you're in the Baltimore area and thinking of a Dahon, I'll help you with the rare test ride. You can check out my Dahon and buy one from my favorite online dealer, who is a member here, with confidence. PM me.

Abundantearth 07-25-11 03:53 AM

sorry folks in UK , I am trying to get Dahon US to allow their bikes to UK but they are keeping it to themselves for some reason

mamamonkey 08-02-11 01:37 PM

Hi all.....I'm happy I found this forum as I've been considering a folding bike for awhile now. With all the info here I think that my head is going to explode!

My initial plan is to either get a used foldie or a "cheapie" to see how everything goes and if I like it then look into upgrading. I will take into account that I am not as likely to get as good a ride, experience, etc from a lower end bike. I really do want to see how I feel about folding bikes before I make a significant investment, and if I do upgrade I'll have a guest bike or I can give it to my niece who is moving to NYC soon.

Anyhow, I've been looking around for a used bike and this one popped up on CL the other day The owner states that it has 21 speeds but I can't find any references to a Dahon Speed TR with anything but 24 speeds. Maybe it's because it's 3 years old? What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance and thanks for all the great posts I've been reading!

badmother 02-11-12 03:25 AM

Welcome to the fold: I suggest you start a new thread for your question. Many peopel (like me) do not read this thread often since we are not new to foldingbikes :).

ryukenden 08-26-12 01:59 AM

I think this should be added to sticky. Very informative.

Jeffbeerman2 06-03-13 06:32 PM

Ok, hopefully this thread is read by more than just new folder buyers...

I'm looking for a nice commuter-style folder.

Wish list:

upright riding position

compact fold (don't use the entire cargo space in my car)

fat durable tires that will work on pavement or on improved rail-trail type surfaces (smoothish crushed gravel)

I don't care about suspension, fat tires are good enough for that

ability to carry a big bag of groceries (either rear or front baggage area)

3+ gears, reliable drivetrain, I could care less about name brand weight weenie components


price is not a huge issue, but I don't want to be ridiculous. I'm willing to pay for quality and longevity.

I've been considering a Brompton with the grocery bag clipped to the front, a six-speed drivetrain, and Shimano hub generator. That configuration is around $2000. I'm curious if there is anything similar out there for a bit less coin. It seems a little steep for what it is. Low $1000 range is more ideal.

HGR3inOK 06-05-13 07:30 AM


Originally Posted by Jeffbeerman2 (Post 15701053)
... I'm looking for a nice commuter-style folder. ...

I have sent you a private message.

Norman, Oklahoma USA

ngrome 08-03-13 04:06 PM

This intrigues me, doesn't look like your typical folding bike:

mickhigs 08-09-13 08:12 AM

This article gives a good history of the Dahon company and how they came to be in the folding bike business. There are also clickable images that link to Amazon for many of the Dahon models. There are good reviews on Amazon and I endend up getting a boardwalk after checking out all of the models in this article. Definately worth a look if you are looking to buy some new wheels.

bhkyte 10-02-13 01:50 PM

Upgrading a folder

Posted recently about upgrading dahons. But is a really good general guide to upgrading folding bikes.

Reading this would have answered many questions I have pondered in the past

AvenirFolder 10-29-13 02:54 PM

The big question for newbies when it comes to choosing a folder always seems to be: Cheap or expensive? Which way do I go? But how about getting a new bike for free! That way you get to dip your toes in the folding bike waters without any risk.

In Canada, if you have enough airmiles stocked up, you can get a "best buy" entry-level bike for absolutely nothing -- yup, no shipping charge either -- in the form of a Raleigh Avenir 6-speed alloy folder: . With Safeway now handing out a generous 20X points for their First Tuesday of the Month Sale, it doesn't take long to rack up the airmiles.

I now have two Avenirs and it only took me a little over three months to get the second one on points and bonuses. Keep in mind that these bikes arrive in a cardboard box and may need some fine-tuning or repairs by a bike mechanic to get them on the straight and narrow. More on the subject in a separate post .... .

wagonfanatic 04-18-14 05:54 AM

One correction I'd offer: You CAN bring a Brompton as carry-on. It must be gate checked. You can also call this a "personal mobility device." Works like a charm.

art92101 05-30-14 03:34 PM

I looked but could not find any comment the suitability of folding bikes on dirt roads or hard pack beaches. Not talking MTB stuff but say village to village in foreign countries. Iv'e ridden my road bikes on many a dirt or gravel path.
Any things to look out for? 20" vs 16" wheels?
Thanks in advance for your help.

FietsDontFailMe 12-12-14 11:26 AM


Originally Posted by Jeffbeerman2 (Post 15701053)
I'm looking for a nice commuter-style folder.

If commuting (daily ride on city streets) is your need, you shouldn't buy a folder with the hinge in the middle of the frame. The pounding will cause the frame to flex. For heavy riding and a durable investment, you're right to consider Brompton, Bike Friday (especially the Diamond Tourist), Ori/Mezzo, and even Moulton if you've won the lottery.

Edit: Note that of these bicycles, the Bike Friday does offer a lifetime guarantee. According to another member of this site, the Brompton has only a five-year guarantee.

poorna 04-13-15 05:10 AM

Ok folks. This is a nice list and answered my many questions. I have one that needs to be answered. We are actually looking at folding bikes for recreational biking. Being road trippers, we would like to carry the bike along in the car and then use it wherever we go. That way folding bikes must be a great option. What do you guys think?

Pinigis 04-13-15 02:03 PM

Take a look at the Origami Crane 8. It is very light and compact so it is a great travel companion.

paulthomson 11-08-15 07:29 AM

This is a great sticky post. Thanks, very informative.

wgscott 09-08-16 09:25 AM

If the links in the OP (a) worked, and (b) had descriptive titles replacing the (currently dead) URL text, this would be a great resource.

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