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    Help! Can't unfold my bike!

    Hi everyone. I'm a folding bike newbie so please excuse my ignorance.
    I've folded my Dahon bike before moving in my new flat.
    Now we have moved into our flat and 3 months on, I decided its time to take the bike out, only to find that I cannot unfold my bike because the pedal seems to be stuck.
    Speculations that we may have accidentally jammed the pedals backwards (reverse breaks) while we were moving and a lot of fingers were been pointed at.

    I just want to get it fixed. Have tried to purchase a big allen key but it won't budge and it's really stuck. I have attached 3 pics on this post for you to see. Not sure if it helps at all.
    Has anyone experienced anything similar or have any tips? I would much appreciate it!
    Or should I take the bike to a local bike repair shop?

    Thanks everyone and any feedbacks will be helpful!!

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    Go to There's a recent thread on your problem and the procedure worked to free the pedal.

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