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    Dahon plus Burley Travoy at airport?

    Is anyone out there using a folding bicycle like Dahon (or others) in combination with the Burley Travoy for airport ravel? I'm wondering if it'll hold the folder decently and if it is checkable once everything is on the travoy. I travel a little for work and this could be an option if any of you have successes failures to share that would be VERY helpful.



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    Carry Freedom City is a trailer that folds flat, It ,when open, has a bag slung in side its perimeter frame

    Brompton's fit nicely folded up on top of that bag , and you can run from one terminal to the other ,
    or train Platform , towing the trailer by its folding handle ,
    the tow bar when attached to the bike by the axle clip.

    Travoy reminds me of a Golf Bag Cart, minus the bag .. a light fridge dolly which attaches to the seat post high, one difference I sense ,

    to fold , Travoys wheels come off , so they must be tied down or risk loss.
    [airlines hav a skill at losing things]
    Carry Freedom City, they are hinged and pivot down to rolling position ,
    bungees keep the package folded flat. But they are not a loose object ..

    I could imagine carrying a Backpack on the Travoy, so as to be able to take hikes for a few days
    in the middle of a bike and perhaps train centered trip.

    I have a Brompton and a CF-C trailer.
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