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    UK Post your Bike Price quick reference

    Just wondered how much it costs to send bikes by mail for holidays - send it to the place you're staying at and pick it up when you arrive.

    Typed in a load of places just to see what the prices are like. Basically if it's eastern Europe the price rises and you might want to think about paying silly airline charges, or sneaking in a folding bike and buying clothes etc when you get there.

    Price conclusions?
    Probably the best candidate for this is Spain. Dry roads and only 40. Ditto for south France & Italy. It's the size of these big countries that makes the difference. Driving this far doesn't really make sense for the sake of just a bike and cheap airline carriers are a pain to deal with. You could also stick a few clothes in there if you're over on weight.

    Dahon 16" sized bikes at ~10kg, uninsured & no VAT:

    all via Transglobal Express scraper:
    UK-Germany = ~39 (65 air)
    UK-Australia (not recommended due to customs hassle) = 108
    UK-Argentina(air) = 149
    UK-Thailand(DHL air) = ~155
    UK-Canary(DHL air) = 102
    UK-France = 39
    UK-Bulgaria (edge of Europe, should be interesting) = 67(road 7day), 83(air 2 day)
    UK-Spain (3day road) = 40.84


    Comparing this to baggage.

    It's harder now in 2011 to find baggage allowances beyond 28kg but it is possible. Generally it's the western companies sticking to that limit, while these are dominant but not the only option. Of course there's upgrades but still there budget long haul still offering 40kg/2 bags on economy.
    In addition flybe(EU short haul) do upgrades at a goodish rate to 40kg too.
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