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    Springtime, time to ride!

    After taking the winter off fro riding my bike, I started my spring training one month ago. I dislike riding in the winter for the obvious reasons, and my work schedule doesn't allow much extra time. But spring is here (more or less), my work schedule has eased up a bit, and the days are getting longer, time to ride.

    My first day on the bike (a Birdy folder) was short and painfully slow. It was also a little painful as I was also breaking-in a new saddle. Women and old people on shopping bikes were keeping pace with me, or even outrunning me, but my first ride of the year is always slow.

    One month later, and I am faster, and my heart rate has already started coming down. I have lost 2 kilograms, and I feel better. My legs are already starting to tone up, and my daily rides are now more than 60 minutes.

    Unlike my native Miami, there are hills and mountains in Japan, which has elevated the level of my workout. I still haven't used the 36 tooth ring on my Birdy's new cassette, but it may come in handy for mountain rides if I am carrying a pack.

    By this summer I hope to be in enough shape to do some touring in Europe, and do the Tour of Chiba in the fall.

    Has anyone else started their spring riding (not all of us are hardcore enough to ride year-round)?

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    Riding trough the winter (not hard) up to approx -20 C, BUT spring is still great. First ride without studs this last weekend was great but scary. Still Ice on the road, but the best way to celebrate spring is to ride without studs and with less chlotes. Also when the sun is out so that we can stop and rest on a spot without snow and have or cook some food.

    My folder still has studs in the front, chain in the back since a friend wanted to test riding on studs. She did it for the first time this weekend at the age of 56, brave woman! Putting the slicks on after she is done and my "new" fenders.
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