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Thread: Fixed folder

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    Fixed folder

    Hi, all: I have a Raleigh Twenty project bike that I was thinking of converting to fixed. But it's going to be a bit of an undertaking and I wonder if the end result is likely to be worth it (as-is they don't ride all that well). Would I be better off just picking up a Swift folder or something like that? Thanks.

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    R20s make a great fixie - the frame is really strong, dropouts adjustable and a good width for track hubs, geometry can be tweaked with forks etc.
    Fitting a new Bottom bracket is a pain but there are plenty of solutions from über cheap to Phil-Wood-spensive.

    The only reason stock ones don't ride well are:
    1) Chrome rims - don't really make for a natural brake surface
    2) Chrome rims - heavy
    3) Brakes - old and crap
    4) Bar geometry is all wrong for a modern feel
    5) That's it.

    Mine is great fun as a fixie. Nimble, nippy. Solid.


    So in summary - in my [biased] opinion - go for it!

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