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    Info on Tigra Folding Bike?

    I just picked up (for a steal) a perfect condition Tigra Folding commuter bike. I am looking for any information anyone may have about this bike. I have scoured the Googles and can't find anything on it other than the fact that Tigra used to build bikes and sponsored a race team.

    Here's what I know:

    Metal badge on the headset tube - TIGRA. Numerous decals stating "Suiss Made" or "Manufactured in Switzerland"

    Weinmann brakes (back when they were based in Switzerland), Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hub.

    Renard leather saddle with little hanging tool pouch below the saddle.

    Front and rear light generator mounted on the front fork - and it works. Also made in Switzerland.

    I don't have pics, but it looks like a typical folding bike from the 1960s. 20x1.75 tires. Weinmann rims.

    It has a thumb operated bell with a raised TIGRA logo on it stamped in the metal.

    Folds in half at the downtube.

    it looks somewhat like this:

    Except in much much better shape. No pitting on the chrome, everything works. The chain is completely encased.

    it still has two Swiss bicycle registration metal tags.

    Thanks for any information anyone has on this bike - it is metal gray with burganday, and the saddle is two-tone and matches the color scheme.

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    If it looks like the picture, then it's a classic U-Frame bike. These were mass produced by nearly every bike maker back in the day. I doubt you'll find any specific info on it.

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    I have had probably ten different bikes like that the years and all had a different manufacturers name on them. Roger

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