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    Trail MTBer: Dahon mariner d7 vs speed p8

    First, i would like to know what year the speed p8 came in black. Dealer had black model and as far as i know, US only has the red for 2011.

    I dont know which to go for really. I will be riding this on roads/sidewalks/parks.

    Pros and cons

    P8 $650
    + 2" tires
    + more expensive = better?
    + quick release wheels
    + Black! i like black.
    + pump
    - its heavy! 1.6lb heavier than mariner
    - no fender and rack (if i ever need one in the future)
    - $100 more than mariner

    Mariner D7 $550
    + Lightweight! if i remove the fenders and rack, it may be 2.5 lbs lighter than p8
    + Cheaper!
    + wont rust unlike steel and chromolly (right?)
    + aluminum and uncolored. no paint to chip.
    - no wheel quick release
    - too flashy (well, it is uncolored aluminum. i wish it had mu uno's color)
    - i read somewhere that p8 handles much better and much more durable
    - i may have to buy fatter tires..+$60 (but i will end up with a spare tire)

    Based on how i ride, i am kind of rough. I like to go up and down on sidewalk curbs because I try to avoid the not bike friendly road. I am also bike weight conscious but only if it wont sacrifice durability. What i like about mariner is that they advertise it as weatherproof. I may be storing the bike a lot and i want it ready to go when i want to. Please let me know what i should be concerned w and what i shouldnt be.

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    A 20" Dahon won't handle 'rough'. I owned three and still own one. The frame broke on one of them (a 2007 D7) after half a year of use. Proper seat height and all. I did take it out on a trail but carried the bike over rough tarrain.

    I you want to abuse a 20" folder get a Swift. I've ridden the same single track many times on the Swift, never carried it. You can bunny hop a Swift and it will abide.

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    ^^^^^ What he said. The bikes are good, but you'll have to consider them disposable if they are treated roughly. They do handle mild tracks ok, but small wheels and no suspension is enough to jolt the disks out of your spine on rough tracks. I rode a Downtube full-suss over tracks a couple of years ago, better, but not much. I owned a D7, and while they are a very good ride, potholes and kerbs are mostly out.

    Is a folding 26" MTB out?

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