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    Dahon Jack D7 B-adjustment Problem

    The Dahon Jack is a 26inch wheeled folder that comes close to being a normal bike. However, I have noticed that their hanger is a bad selection.

    The lip on the derailleur hanger has too much angle, so prevents the derailleur cage from being brought high enough for the 6mm clearance in the SRAM SX-4 technical details. This occurs even at the limit when the adjustment screw is fully withdrawn. At some stage they have used the wrong hanger for the job and seem not to have bothered to do anything about it, despite various advice on the matter.

    Specifically, the angle on the lip of the hanger would need to come a bit closer to the vertical, away from the present 30 degrees or so. This looks like a matter that they could easily address, at least in future models.

    Otherwise, it is quite a nice bike for a folder...

    Regards, Honestron, London

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    Hi Honestron,

    I dont know the answer. But I know someone who do, Fudge Cycles in Paddington sell Dahon and if there is someone in London who can fix it its them.

    Pacific Folding bikes on Facebook

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