Hey y'all... quick question:

I did a google search on this but nothing came up. I've taken my Mericer Nano out twice and did my normal lunch roadie loops on it; everything seems pretty accurate except for elevation gain. It's a +/- 20 mile loop I can get out and back in about 1:20 with a couple of climbs.

On my 700c road bike (Surly Pacer), my iPhone app (B.icycle) consistently shows a 750ft. +/- elevation gain on this particular loop. When doing the same loop on my Mini-Velo, however, it states that I'm in the 1000ft.+ range.

Today it even showed a 1,318ft. in climbed elevation - granted, I had to back track when I forgot my water bottle at the bottom of one hill.

I use this app for road, mountain and cyclocross and everything has been pretty consistent - it was not until I started riding the small wheels when this started occurring. I get back on my big wheels, and it reads like before.

It is also showing that I'm hitting between 45-46MPH on the descends on my Mini, and I do hit that on my 700c bike(s).

Is there an explanation for these big differences? I absolutely blame the small wheels, but the nerd in me wants someone to drop some science.

Thanks in advance!