I recently bought some reelights to fit on my Brompton but wasn't too impressed with the end result. The lights are too low down IMO and fiddly to fit the magnets and brackets with the fold and spoke arrangement, especially on the rear wheel (also would need readjusted after every wheel removal). I broke them apart and mounted the coils on the frame and ran wires to the LED's which I incorporated into the reflectors. Anyway I thought I would post it here as it may be useful info for anyone else using these lights on their folder. I'm going to fix them up more "permenantly" with silicon sealer etc but used electric tape meantime until I'm sure everything is ok. I'll also switch the white cable ties to black ones to blend in with the frame when I get some (only had white) the lights work perfectly and should hopefully be maintenance free. Also the bag of left over bits was quite heavy so have saved a bit of weight over the standard version.

cheersrear with reelight.jpgrear coil.jpgfront reflector with led's.jpgfront coil.jpg