Apologies if this is a bit long. Want to give the less experienced an idea as to what's involved with upgrading and/or repairing bikes.

The first thing was to replace the tires with Marathon Racers and the pedals. There was a compact carbon crankset on hand, so thought I'd start there. Easy, right? When trying to remove the original bottom bracket, I discovered some dingbat had used red Loctite and had to Dremel the left cup out of the BB shell. Then found it needed a 118mm spindle BB, the longest available for an ISIS. The crank arms were still hitting the swing arm and release lever, so added washers to the spindle. Picked up an Origin8 48t chainwheel, as the original was 130BCD and the compact was 110BCD. When done, a decent improvement over the stock in regards to smoothness and rideability and shaved some weight. Also put a fender set on it. The photo shows the mock-up for the front, and does not interfere with the fold. Replaced the squishy saddle with a Selle TransAm.

Need to procure a few things for stage 2, but have an XTR ti 9spd cassette and SRAM X-9 trigger shifter ready to go, and possibly an X-9 derailleur.