Hi Guys

This is a great trip to a fantastic show with lots of folders & small wheel bikes both in and outside the show. Travelling & sleeping on a Rock & roll sleeper bus.

Here is a copy of the e-mail Peter Eland has sent out :-

The trip is likely to be very similar to last year's, as per Sue's


Cost is also likely to be similar to last year (was 325/person) - to
be confirmed once I've got quotes in from the coach company. More
details of the trip, pick-up points, timings etc (from last year,
unlikely to change much) are at


If you think there's a strong chance you'd like to book a space,
please contact Peter Eland at Velovision magazine

This is totally non-binding - not looking to take firm bookings yet.
Just looking to get an idea of numbers. I'll email again when a
decision's been made about the trip and prices fixed etc (in the next
few weeks)....

Thanks and all the best,