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    24.5mm handlebars? Batavus Intercycle folding bike

    I rode my newly aquired folder (Batavus Intercycle folding bike ) up to my LBS to purchase a new seat and handle bars. Turns out my the bars on my bike are 24.5mm, the mechanic checks his parts book and finds no 24.5mm bars,. He suggested I buy 22.2mm bars and make 1/2mm shims.
    Does anyone know of a source for 24.5mm bars?
    I did attempt to get on Batavus website, but the US site wouldnt work, and I do not speak any of the other Countries offered.
    The lengthy time with the mechanic, i wasnt able to look at seats.

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    Since you double posted, this is my reply from the mechanics section:

    Sure you have the measurements right? 25,4 is 1" [22.2 is 7/8" common BMX bars]
    .964 inches is 24.5mm .
    French rounded off inch metic equivalents 22.0, 25.0 ,
    and so forth..
    until it was obvious they had to follow the market forces ..

    plain type seat posts are 7/8" at the top.

    Batavius is in the Netherlands . no wholesale exports, no US imports ,
    so no US site.
    If they are uniquely sized, 24.5mm .. you may have to restore it largely as is.
    tires grips cables brake pads, that sort of stuff.

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