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Folding Bikes Discuss the unique features and issues of folding bikes. Also a great place to learn what folding bike will work best for your needs.

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Old 12-27-11, 10:12 PM   #1
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What folders will fit through the security belt opening ?

I plan on doing a lot of traveling this coming summer ( i work for an airline) and i know the Brompton will fit. But how about the other bikes, who has put their folder on the belt and been able to pass through ? And also, how about overhead bin clearance ? will it fit in the bin on a wide body aircraft ? Thank you .
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let me think..... tsa or homeland security confiscated a christmas cake ...... elderly woman had to leave her cane..... I was at Vegas airport when they confiscated a beautiful titanium multitool from me... ( no blade or knife, mind you )

And you want to take a bike INSIDE the plane...

Now, there will be a bunch of folks, jumping on this thread that they have done this and done that in the past.... some even currently,
Some will tell stories how easy and painless...... you dont hear all too much noise from people who have paid penalties and late check in and maybe even lost their bikes..... ( you never hear about loosers coming back from Vegas either... they all won, had a good time, didnt loose nuttin....)

What I am saying is that you better be very carefull, there might even be some brand propaganda going on, lets say the answers are heavily biased in one direction.

here a crude size comparison, keep in mind that the mks pedals will be out and have only a very short stub sticking in the crank.

Having said that, you will be best off to get a small folder without all to much stuff hanging off it.... ( carriers, fenders, lights, etc etc etc) with quick release wheels.... than u get a regular old used Samsonite suitcase, spend 5 minutes to take things apart and 10 minutes to put stuff back together ... and just check it in as regular stuff....

there is a weight limit for overhead bins as well, not just size. There is No difference in allowable size for a big plane versus a standard one, plus those planes regulary get switched around, and all of the sudden you are sitting in a smaller plan ... than what ?

popcorn ready and old racing anti flame suit nearby

Dahon : Freedom Unfolds
Tern : all about the ride
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If you really want to bring a bike and using it on beautiful non bumpy trails then pick up the abike city. 8 inch wheels and small enough to fit into a backpack.

Noticed I never said anything about the ride though
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The international limit on hand luggage size is 56cm long x 45cm wide x 25cm deep, with a weight limit of 7kg i think. I would doubt if any of our resident fanboys, of any persuasion, would claim that their object of irresistable desire would meet that specification.
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Old 12-28-11, 01:45 PM   #5
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There's a person here (sorry, don't remember the user name) that has been traveling with a Brompton and taking it through security, to the plane, and leaving it with the strollers to go into the luggage hold. I don't think they ever said they were taking the bike right into the cabin.
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Old 12-28-11, 02:18 PM   #6
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fit through the security belt opening ?
OK someone measures things... 56cm long x 45cm wide x 25cm deep,
Or, 22"x17.75"x9.5" ..

CM Wasson shows a picture of someone packing their Brompton in the OHC.
guy was said to be a frequent flier on the same route,
so may have gotten allowances as a result.

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Originally Posted by Diode100 View Post
....I would doubt if any of our resident fanboys, of any persuasion, would claim that their object of irresistable desire would meet that specification.
+1 Ha Ha Ha
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Old 12-28-11, 06:02 PM   #8
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I wouldn't count on getting any bike through as carry-on luggage (except A-bike type of bikes). If you instead thinking of taking them as ordinary luggage then there are a whole lot more to choose from. Brompton and Dahon Curve are two bikes which are small enough and easy to pack and unpack. Between these two it comes down to riding preferences, fold, and price. I have only tried Brompton and some 20" Dahons and the Dahons were more "active" so to speak which is a good fun but a bit harsh in the long run. The Brompton is very nice for "ordinary" riding so to speak. Personally I like the Bromton fold better even though the size difference is not enormous (size isn't everything). Dahon is cheaper.
If you are prepared to do a bit of assembling/disassembling then others can give you many more tips.
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Old 12-28-11, 06:56 PM   #9
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Yes, there have been a few reports of taking a Brompton through security and then either taking it as carryon or gate-checking it. But it seems to me that doing so depends on the mood and attitude of the particular TSA or other security agent. Until such agencies make it clear in their official documents that folding bicycles of a certain size are allowed then I'm not willing to take the risk of a confiscated bike and/or a missed flight.

So far I haven't had any issues with my Bike Friday packed into a normal-size (L+W+H = 61") suitcase that I check and a regular carryon bag with my other travel gear. Unfortunately a number of airlines do charge for checked bags, but the charge is generally pretty reasonable for only a single bag.
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I have taken a Xootr Roma through as hand-luggage many times, no issues. I'd not take a Brompton (my folding bike) because I'd doubt I could get it through consistently and by the time I include waiting to collect, its lost its time advantage. Can but dream of gate-checking and it being there when you disembark....
I'd not want a Brompton overhead due to its weight and sharp pointy bits to hit people below. I have helped ladies with some very heavy bags, I know heavier than my Brompton (M2L-X) but a suitcase not having as many pointy bits as a bike.

Xootr Roma averages 6mph on good roads and is about half the cost/size/weight/speed of a folding bike. Its what I'd recommend for regular flying with transport.
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