First of all, many thanks to Ruscoles11 for sending the frame my way. Much appreciated.

As was mentioned in another post, I had a wheelset with SA drum brakes left over from my Swift, and was in need of an all-weather bike that I could use to pull the kids in the trailer, and generally use when conditions weren't great for the Brompton (Snow, ice, muddy canal paths, etc).

The idea here was to use as much of the stuff laying around in my parts bin as possible, as we have been incurring a lot of expenses lately. The bike is going to be spending lots of time outdoors, so I didn't want to invest in parts that are going to get grubby in a hurry.

Here it is being used for a grocery run with one of the kids:

With 32 tooth chainring, and 25 tooth cog on the Sturmey XRD-8(w), the gear range is just about right to haul a loaded trailer up the hills we've got 'round here. Unloaded, it's a bit under-geared but I don't mind coasting down hills.

The bike is a comfy and relaxed ride, although in it's current configuration with such a short reach stem and straight handlebars it is a little rear heavy. I can easily feel the front end getting light when I'm climbing a hill in the saddle.

The fold is... not exactly compact It's small enough to get in the trunk of the car if need be, or to make for a slightly less obtrusive package on a train. For the most part it's going remain unfolded.

Other than that, the bike is rather remarkable in how unremarkable it is. It rides like a full size bike. It's not overtly flexy or stiff, it just quietly goes on about it's business of getting you from point A to point B. It's heavy, but that's mostly down to all the drum-brake gearhub shenanigans -- not to mention the Marathon Winters

All in all, a lovely little bike. I'm looking forward to putting some Big Apple's on it, so that it can reveal it's true nature.

More details available if anyone's interested.