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    Need advice: Bike Pro Hard Suitcase VS 2011 Dahon Airporter 11 (Semi Hard suitcase)


    I am new to this forum. I am in the market for a folding bike case. I am thinking of buying a Bike case for my separable Moulton. I have made my researches and I have two choices. Need some opinions on the two cases I am choosing from. They are the Bike Pro Hard case for folding bikes and my other choice is the newly designed Dahon Airporter11 which is a semi hard case.

    Below are the links for my choices. Thank you in advance for the advices. The dimensions and weight for both suitcases will fit my needs and the price almost identical.

    Thanks a lot,

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    What do you want the case for?
    If you plan to check it with the airline as checked baggage, be aware that both of those bags are over-sized and may have to pay additional fees. Most airlines limit dimensions to 62 inches total (L + H +W).

    Sometimes they don't check, but it seems now that they are charging for the second and even first checked bag, they are a lot more finicky. YMMV

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    I have used my Dahon Airporter to transport my Moulton TSR. It works fine. The Moulton doesn't actually need all the room that the Airporter has. There's plenty of padding inside with separators. No complaints.

    Actually, I'd be willing to make you a good deal on mine. I don't really use it any more. If you are interested, email me at alanhu06_at_gmail _dot_com.
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