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    Speed Uno: Resistance (from coaster brake?) while pedaling?

    I've had a Speed Uno for about a year now, and starting about 6 months ago, and then intermittently starting today after a few weeks of using it again, I'm getting a lot of resistance while pedaling (as in, more than usual ).

    I don't know much about the design involved in coaster brakes, but it feels to me like maybe the brake is pressing down while I pedal forward, instead of only when pressing back on the pedals. First of all, is this mechanically possible, or is it a sign of something even worse happening?

    And secondly, anything that I can do to fix it if it is the case?

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    Take it apart, clean it and adjust it. In other words maintenance. Coaster brake hubs like all bicycle hubs require maintenance. Kind of like a tune up for your car. Roger

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