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    Giant Halfway Mk II

    Since we don't get this bike in N.A. anymore I hadn't paid any attention, but it looks like Giant has developed an update on the Halfway concept. The new bike looks to have a different frame/latch, a stiffer handlepost and utilizes a Z-fold.

    I've always thought the Halfway was one of those bikes whose detail execution didn't live up to the brilliance of the concept. Giant, as a bicycle company rather than a folding bicycle company, doesn't provide any folded pictures or dimensions, so I don't know if the Mk II answers the deficiencies of the original (large-ish folded size, non-standard components for little if any benefit).
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    I've been trying to find info about this bike. A pair of used ones are available here for about $230 USD. It is a great price for a folding bike. But I can't find many opinions about it.

    I've read on these forums that the weight is about 15kg. That worries me seems on the high-end for folding bikes.

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    Sounds ok. They are not heavier than average afaik. May need to upgrade brakes else seems ok bike from a brief experience of a friends bike.
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