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Thread: Tern folders

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    Tern folders

    Goal: to collect riders' thoughts on the various Tern folders, since many riders' short list of "next bike in the stable" includes various Tern models. Also, all models except the 26-incher [and the Link C7*] have in common the OCL maintube joint (aka clamp) and the amazing Physis handlepost ... the first handlepost with no flex (IME). The 26-incher uses a traditional steerer tube and stem, and a different maintube joint.

    The Tern product family comprises two 20" lines (Verge and Link), two 24" lines (Eclipse and Castro), and a 26" line (Joe).
    To get the specs, click through the site to a specific model, then click specs.

    Model availability depends upon what a dealer orders. My experience is with the Verge X20 and the Eclipse S11i. With both models, the first impression is the lack of flex in normal riding. The maintube joint and handlepost joint are over-spec, but desirably so, since flex is (IMO) eliminated in normal riding and weight limits are increased. I confess to loading Dahon Mu and Speed models over the weight limit for touring (230 lbs, me plus gear), but 230 lbs is well within the weight limit for all Tern bikes. The weight limits for each bike are in the specs on the website.

    The Verge felt more like my steel Swift as far as handling, i.e., much less squirrelly than a Mu, Speed, Downtube, etc., and way less squirrelly than a 16-incher. The closest in feel to the Eclipse is a 2008 or later Cadenza... the Eclipse is that solid. The Eclipse also felt stable when standing on the pedals. This, to me, is important, since it allows varies riding positions, esp. climbing.

    The attention to detail in both bikes knocked my socks off, esp. the polished aluminum and paint on the Eclipse. The Alfine-11 IGH was just as smooth as the Alfine-8 on my Cadenza XLs. I'll be adding an Eclipse S11i to my collection.
    *Thanks, Nightdiver.

    Some threads with rider comments and description of riding Terns (as opposed to pictures... no offense to picture posters).

    Link P9

    Tern's "Roll'n" subforum, with rider reports on the Eclipse S11i, Link p9, and several reports on the Verge X10.

    Verge Duo
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    One minor correction regarding hinges: the Link C7 is an outlier in that it doesn't use the new OCL or Physis.

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