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    Custom messenger handlebar bag with Ortlieb QL1 and Tubus rod

    I have this Dahon Mantis and it doesn't have a headtube truss fitting but its nice to have a bag to buy stuff with.
    I didn't want the added bulk of a rear rack or risk clamping to a future carbon seatpost.
    FYI, Ortlieb already sells a neat messenger style bag with their quick hook system but I wanted to try this myself.

    Essentially you can get the QL1 rails and hooks and add them to any bag, but you need a rail for the hooks to attach to.
    So I first bought a nice water shedding messenger bag (Vaude Albert M) and added the wide Ortlieb QL1 rail and hooks to it.
    Then I drilled M4 holes right through my Avid FR5 levers making sure the levers can still function and bolted these Tubus stayholders to my levers with M4x25mm bolts.
    After I slid in a 8mm Tubus Roundstay rod and adjusted the width of my levers to my liking, I cut the extra rod off.
    Now I have a rod mount for the QL1 hooks to grab on to and it only added 88 grams to my handlebars.
    In hindsight I should have bought the narrow Ortlieb QL1 rail since my handlebars are as narrow as possible at 485mm.
    The wider QL1 rail on this bag touches my fingers when I'm braking.
    Oh well, it was an experiment and a pretty solid result.
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    Lots of way to skin that cat, why need expensive tubus part ? Just get 10mm round bar stock and drill through that, if your assumption that drilling through the brake levers is ok. Space off with washers or hollow 6mm alu tubing. That might give your hands better clearance between bars and bag as that looks tight. Nice idea !

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