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    Dahon Jack , tuneup/repair/maintenance questions

    Just got a Dahon Jack 2010 off craigslist, okay condition, need some things to be fixed

    first impressions: definitely nice to ride, much better than the other road bikes I've tried from wallyworld/target...

    lack of suspension isn't too noticeable because of the tires, though my bum was hurting after cycling for about an hour

    the 7 speeds were enough in the city's hills (NYC), but found myself limited by the highest gear quite often. I might switch the front gear to get a higher gear ratio

    I've taken it on the buses going in/out of port authority... 26" is slightly too big, took up more space than I've seen for a 20" Dahon on the bus before.. Rolling it folded was weird too, the best way I've found was to angle it so the bottom bracket(bicycle rests on this bracket when folded to avoid the chain hitting ground) points towards the sky(like 45degree from top), and push using the bike saddle post

    1) the previous owner didn't take the best care of it, bicycle grease everywhere... do I just wipe down the entire bicycle with water/alcohol, then reapply bicycle lube on the chains?
    2) the folding mechanism was stiff... how do you readjust it, or lubricate the hinges? I've looked at the manual, but it looks different on my bicycle
    3) need a new saddle to overcome the lack of suspension. any recommendations?
    4) rear derailleur is catching on the wrong spot, any good tips on how to readjust it?
    5) What accessories should I look at? I'm thinking bell,light, maybe fender

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