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    Dahon Speed TR vs Airnimal Joey Sport/Explore as audax/"light tourer"

    Hi folks,

    I have always fancied airnimal bikes, and there is a cyclescheme opportunity to get one, although I can't go much over 1K.

    I would like to have a bike which folds, preferably fits a suitcase, and can use for light touring - hopefully to replace my full size light touring bikes, of which I have two because of my split site work/life balance. It needs to be usable for multi-mode train commuting in the UK.

    The thing is, am I being irrational in my desire, because I did have a Dahon Speed TR, but let it go because it was too slow and too big/heavy to lug around stations changing trains. Weightwise there is some difference, and also, the airnimal can be suitcased (and I have a brompton hardcase it will fit). I guess what I'd prefer best is some hybrid between the joey sport (for narrow wheels) and the joey explore (for gear range). The explore price is about as high as I can go.

    Any thoughts, advice ?
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    you can always put high performance skinny wheels on the bike ... even if it comes with big apples or such .... best of both worlds ..loads of gearing and go fast tires .... just saying

    I am also working on some very nice wheels which one could use as Sunday/Racing/Bling/lol wheels, shoot them with some Ultremos and keep the standard wheels for trashing around .... but will be a little while
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