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    Help with cyclesdirect and/or rixen kaul spare part

    Regards to the forum members, Iím back after many years from my first post. Thanks for the good advice received then and apologies for not being an active member since. Once again I apologize for my poor english.

    Now Iím trying to buy a Rixen & Kaul spare part, the KT801 alloy frame for daypack and it seems imposible! I want it to match the truss mount and a handmade adaptor brompton front block to rixen kaul system. I hope you can help me.

    First I searched online, finding only UK deliveries (Iím in Madrid, Spain).
    Second, tried with a Barcelona dealer for a similar spare part (one bigger, for a big basket) and didnít get an answer.
    Third, made a transaction trough amazon payment to but havenít received any confirmation nor purchase id nor email response, as their email bounced back. They are registered at amazon payment as Fixedgearfrenzy.

    1) Do you have any experience with cyclesdirect or know the way to contact them?
    2) Any of you tried to DIY this part? It looks very simple and I was tempted to buy a basket with it, copy the piece and return the basket, but itís not fair so when I was over my annoyment for the difficult to get the piece I didnít do it at last.
    3) Do you know any spare part compatible with this one? Or, do you know any seller who could send it to Madrid?

    The spare part Iím looking for is:

    Thanks a lot and any piece of advice will be appreciated.

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    German produced, why not seek out a German seller? R&K site> dealer list?
    [ I got one stateside from Wall Bike ]

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    Welcome back. No knowledge of the shop you mentioned. This is the Rixen & Kaul site.
    įEmpty drums make a lot of noice... (Old Hungarian proverb).

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