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    Another Dahon Uno Question or Two ?

    Ok I have too many bikes as it is but hey you only live once and its my main hobby these days. I am awaiting a new Dahon Uno 2013 that I got on a really good sale deal.

    I have never had a Dahon folder before so its going to be interesting to compare it with my other steeds.

    Anyway I have a couple of questions :

    1. I have sat on one before and if I recall the bars are high enough for me as I like quite an upright riding position. If not, I guess I could get some riser bars. Is the adjustable steerer on other MU models (looks like it comes in two pieces ?) just plug and play from one Dahon to another ? Is there a second part to go in the top ?

    2. I may fit another one of my small light assist motors to it if I really like the bike and again as this has aluminum forks (I think) would the steel Dahon/Tern ones shown here just be plug and play ?

    3. I may try some Big Apples but see you can get these suspension posts for the Dahon/Tern now as well. Any reviews ? are they really heavy ? I assume Tern/Dahon share the same 33.9mm diam seatpost size ?

    Dahon frame bits and parts look pretty cheap if you can get them, certainly in comparison to Brompton parts

    Another thing I really like now is that Dahon/Tern seem to be putting the welded lug on the front of the frame header tube for mounting luggage. I really wish this was a feature fitted to all small wheeled bikes/folders.

    PS Just seen the seat post on Thors site and it looks like its twice the weight of the stock post

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