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    My New to Me 1987/88 Peugeot P20 (project start)

    Just recently picked up this Peugeot P20. Been wanting a folder for awhile since I sometimes have to go out of town for work and have to do so with a company rig, better to bike to bars and pubs than drive (or at the very least better to keep my bosses truck out of impound). But I got it running and it's a fun quick ride and not as nearly as twitchy as I thought it would be, felt kind of like a little kid on it since it's a snap to do wheelies on.

    Features Sturmey Archer AW (dated 8/87)
    some K-rappy rattle can over rust on parts complete with over spray on other parts. Rust is bad but rattlecan over rust is horrid.
    Missing rear fender
    Perhaps unorginal cottered cranks (I've found two catalog pics online with different cranks from year to year)
    25mm handlebar (arg)
    70 mm BB (sticker on the BB says made in Itally.
    20x1.75 Alloy Rims (might try going 1 3/8)
    Wienmann brakes

    lets not forget the kids Mountain bike tires (those are going soon too).

    Only work I've done at the time of the pics was removing the chain guard and grips (and replaced the rear tube for a test ride. For once I remembered to do project shots before starting the project. Cleaned the paint off the the chain guard and stem and am hopeful the acid bath will remove it all (fingers crossed/it'll be close).

    Got it cheap with a rear flat and a "broken" (and by broken I mean poorly adjusted by someone that didn't know how to adjust it) IGH hub.

    Thinking I'm gunna build it up as a folding Clubman style bike, if i can find some decent and cheap drop bars for it (of course 25mm makes the cheap part harder). Probably gunna do a repaint too, since I just got some pro equipment for such work and I'm itching to paint something and I don't really like the Peugeot blue/black very much.

    Some of the Rusty parts before the acid bath

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    Does having had a vasectomy make me a "fixie"?

    1971 Raleigh Superbe, 1959 Murray Vanguard, 1974 Raleigh Super Course Mark II and a garage full of three speeds now in various states of dis/repair.

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    Curious if you have any updates on the bike? I just purchased an 84 P20 recently, seems to be in good condition.
    95 Gary Fisher Tassajara, 2014 FBIKE folder

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