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    Considering Nokon, confused...

    Just like the title implies, I`m thinking about going to Nokon derailler housing, but the information I find is a bit confusing. A search here turned up posts from a few resident Foldites who say they have experience with it, so hopefully one of you can clue me in.

    Since the systems apparently don`t use proprietary steel cables, I don`t understand why they sell "road" and "mountain" versions. Does that just indicate what kind of brake cable comes with it initially, then when you replace the cables you just buy any old shifter, mtb brake, or road brake inner wire? Or is there some other reason to label their kits as road or mountain? Even if they came with "road" or "mtb" ends on the brake cables, I don`t get why they have those designations on derailler kits.

    I see that liners are available separately, and fairly cheap (though apparently a PITA to change). Only the liner and the inner cable need to be replaced, and the beads are pretty much a lifetime investment? If a cable starts to fray, but performance is still good, you can just pull the old cable out of the liner and replace it without having to restring the beads, can`t you?

    It also looks like the "extension" kits are universal, not specific for shift or brake, road or mountain. Is that correct, or am I misreading something? Google led me to a few mentions that it`s cheaper to just use the extension kits rather than the ful scale versions. Anybody here agree with that? That`s particularly tempting because as of now I`m only considering beaded housing for one cable (RD on a Pocket Llama). If I do buy a "road gear" kit, will likely it be enough for the full length housing that my folder is designed to use, or is it pretty much given that full length requires extra purchases? Think I could combine standard housing for the longer runs with beads just where it has crazy routing? Thanks for any info or suggestions, gang!
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    If they include a cable. the head is either barrel or pear shaped..
    being alloy beads they are low compression. and very flexible..

    I wonder if OEM builders have access to rolls of the stuff, like regular housing is sold in bulk.

    Retail is obviously selling in packaged kits. as noted Campag shift cable heads are different from Shimano..

    wonder if they have a Rohloff shift kit, that would be 2 pretty long lengths of housing..

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