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    Brompfication vs BikeFun

    Noticed there are a fair few parts that both produce in the name of lightness or better aesthetics.

    Principally, for things like the clamps, rear release clip and titanium bolts; does one win out over the other on price?

    I'd find out myself, but the BikeFun website is of course in Chinese but something tells me it would be hard to navigate still if I knew the language. Plus, there must be some of you out there that has dealt with BikeFun.

    Judging by what came out on the Brompfication Facebook page, I will definitely be getting the chain tensioner from him rather than Taiwan.

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    this seatpost is Titanium,

    BikeFun is Aluminum , anodized for Color.. [ not bought from, either ],

    considering the 5mm bolt type roller as an upgrade on the
    wheels on the back edge of the Carry Freedom City's back edge roller ,
    which drags the back tube of the trailer in anything softer than a solid floor..
    they let you push the folded trailer in a narrow space, like between back to back seats..

    Dont see the alloy substutution for the chain tensioner any where but the TW site ..

    Its still, as I did quick currency conversion $110 . or there abouts , still uses the 6 speed Brompton sliding pulleys

    has to because the shifter pushes on the flanges on the pulley. itself .. would take more redesign to put a sealed bearing pulley
    spinning freely between the 2 flanges..
    not as showy as having the polished aluminum piece..

    Own an M3L .. there the practical upgrade is to a pair of Tacx sealed bearing pulleys.. 10t.

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