So later this month I am going to the USA from the UK. My plan is/was to take my Brompton SL2-X in its B and W case to ride while I am there for a couple of weeks end of story.

However, I have seen the good Uno deal for $350, which with the good fx rate at the moment is sweet. Am working out whether I could bring my B and W case empty, buy the Uno, then bring it home, to keep if I like it, or to sell here.

Now, the problem is the internal dimensions of the B and W are 625 x 610 x 240 mm and the folder Uno 260x780x660.

That's not going to fit as is, but I am thinking I would stand a good chance with the saddle removed from the seat post, the seat post and maybe the wheels removed. Anyone any ideas or experience w/r to this ?

If anyone knows of any other similar deals going in the US that might work for me like this, pls let me know. Its how I got my DT mini here.