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    Tern Link P9 folding pedal issue.

    For anyone with a Tern Link P9, you might want to read this article. I would hate to see this happen to anyone.
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    "If you ride the bicycle while you are standing up, your weigh can cause the pedals to snap off all in a sudden. These folding pedals are not design to lift up your body weight - the seatpost is."


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    Its an interesting thread....

    let me just copy an official answer from Tern here :

    After receiving the above reports of the plastic cage breaking we have been working closely with the pedal manufacturer, Wellgo to identify the root of the cause and ensure that any use of a Tern bicycle matches our own, high product standards.

    During our investigation with Wellgo into the reports regarding the subject pedal (Wellgo model number F-147) we have applied the standard EN 14764 (city and trekking bikes) stationary, impact and dynamic (100,000 cycles) pedal tests against various batches. However, we have been unable to replicate a breakage during these standard tests despite them exceeding the normal use of a pair of pedals. In case these reports were due to misuse, we also repeated these tests by applying the entire forces to the outermost edge instead of the center of the pedal, but again were unable to replicate a breakage.

    In the event that you remain uncomfortable with your F-147 pedals, however, we are happy to offer a full metal version of this pedal, the Wellgo FP-7 pedal. We have already begun shipping these to our dealers and distributors so the pedals should be available very soon. This free replacement pedal will be available at your local Tern dealer by exchange for your pair of F-147 pedals so please drop by or phone the dealer to to claim your pair (installation not included).

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