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    Quote Originally Posted by HGR3inOK View Post
    Yes, that would be me. This is a worldwide forum. When someone posts a question, the best answer/explanation often depends on the poster's location. Thus, I believe it is helpful to know the poster's location, and the forum member's profile can provide this information. Maybe the member's location should be required, and the moderators could enforce clear and meaningful location descriptions.

    Norman, Oklahoma USA
    This is a very reasonable question asked by many experts on many bike forums. Bike forums are a great place to get advice, but sometimes you have to go see a bike and ride it (particularly true for weird bikes like folders and recumbents). Asking where will allow us to suggest places to go and people to see (I own no bicycle store and make no money off of participating here).

    If a nameless poster can't see that, then maybe bicycle forums aren't a good fit for said person.

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    There is a solicitation guideline that needs to be followed by all forum members.


    Refrain from using BikeForums to advertise items for sale, commercial services or website. If you are a Premium Member (Titanium or Red Star), you may attach a short link to your own blog or personal site within your profile or signature, linking to your market items in our market (private sales only, no online storefronts), or to a noncommercial website that you specifically own. Free members are not allowed sig links for their sites.

    Answering questions is fine, but posting prices and sale information for products you sell is not allowed in the regular forums. Sales belong in Marketplace forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xerum 525 View Post
    Now get on your cheap bike and give me a double century. You walking can of Crisco!!

    Forum Guidelines *click here*

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