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Folding Bikes Discuss the unique features and issues of folding bikes. Also a great place to learn what folding bike will work best for your needs.

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Folding with front basket (for camera bag), NYC, 5'8", late 50's rider?


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Originally Posted by photobiker View Post

I'm a photographer. I like taking photos with my vintage film cameras in NYC.

My camera bag is 12"w x 9"h x 9"deep. I'd like to carry it in front in a basket -- so I can easily and quickly remove it. I don't want to ride with the camera bag around my neck/shoulders and I hate backpacks.

I use a handlebar bag which has a quick-release mount. The bag is 10" wide x 7" deep x 9" high. It's called the Giant Shadow Dry handlebar bag. It's rain-proof. This is a discontinued model but I see a new similar one on the Giant bicycles website. The difference seems to be that the new model has a D-ring for the shoulder strap attachment, whereas the one I have used a small knob that the strap hooked onto. Removing the bag involves pushing a red button, then a yellow button, and lifting the bag off of the bracket. It's very quick. Re-installing it on the bike is just a matter of sliding the bag onto the braket, and it clicks into place. I think that Axiom makes something similar. Search for "handlebar bag quick-release" or "handlebar bag QR".
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A Brompton with the front bag mount block .. NYCewheels Folding bikes & compact bicycles by Brompton, Dahon, Tern & Montague

and get their Mini O bag , which is based on the Ortlieb handlebar bag , allowing the addition of their padded camera insert
then you will have a place for that SLR & a couple lenses, ORTLIEB Produkt-Details
which would stay dry with the lid closed, because that is what the Ortlieb product line is all about.
Brompton Waterproof Mini Ortlieb Bag

the same frame block would let you use the Brompton folding basket , for shopping and all that ,
Brompton, Brompton Folding Basket, Part# QFBSK

but being open top, for the rain, it has drain holes, instead ..

Dahon and Klickfix offer a different front bag mount . as a collaboration ..

folding bikes only come in 1 size , so your size data is not meaningful , you adapt to the bike .

only the Bike Friday company sells more than 1 size per model.

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Folders and (heavy) handlebar bags don't always work so well IMHO. Having that weight mounted so high on the bike messes with steering and center of gravity.

I agree with fietsbob, Brompton is probably best here for a simple reason: Having the mounting clamp on the headtube instead of the bars means steering is not loaded by the extra weight in the bag. Downside is that it's all probably over your budget. If you don't get a Brommie, though, then we're back to the question of where a heavy bag fits on a folder.

My solution on the non-Brommie bikes is a Detours bag that attaches to the seatpost. Then the other side - paring down to the bare minimum for me: lightweight Nikon DSLR, 10.5 Nikkor fisheye (incredibly tiny lens!), 30/1.4 Siggy, 50/1.8G Nikkor.

Having this weight on the back of the bike induces a slight springy effect, but I find this much better than a h-bag on my non-Brommie folders. YMMV.
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Originally Posted by photobiker View Post
My camera bag is 12"w x 9"h x 9"deep. I'd like to carry it in front in a basket -- so I can easily and quickly remove it. I don't want to ride with the camera bag around my neck/shoulders and I hate backpacks. [...] Budget -- I'd like to keep it under $1,000 or close to this. [...] I test drove a Tern Node bike [...] They didn't have a good basket option to show me, but had a front bolt on Kangaroo rack that I would have to strap my camera bag to and this didn't seem like a good idea to me.
At this point, it appears that only Brompton, Tern, and Dahon can hang a bag in the front from the frame, which is a much better option than hanging it from the handlebar.

The "Kangaroo rack" is the Kanga rack (I'm not sure Tern actually makes it; It could be OEM.) Alternatively, there's a bag from Biologic you can hang from the truss screwed to the frame.

As an alternative to Tern/Dahon's truss, you can use this one from Theravada and use their bag instead.

Here's someone who installed Tern/Dahon's truss to his Brompton.

Finally, it's possible to hang an Ortlieb Ultimate5 Classic (ref F3038) from Tern/Dahon's truss:
Are the Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Classic and Ultimate 5 Plus suitable for the Luggage Truss? | Tern Folding Bike and Folding Bicycle Accessories | Singapore
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