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    Attaching strapless toe clips to folding pedals MKS FD-7

    I like strapless toe clips on my other bikes' pedals. I've tried clipless pedals with SPD cleated shoes and toe clips with straps, but they're harder to get into and out of than the Topeak strapless toe clips. The Topeak toe clips come in 2 sizes to fit different heights of shoe toes, so I recommend that you buy yours at your local bike shop and bring your riding shoes along so you can choose the better size.

    The pedals my folding bikes came with were the cheap plastic and steel ones. They're sort of ok, but I couldn't attach toe clips securely. I would have had to use sheetmetal screws into drilled holes, but even then they wouldn't be screwed into a sturdy part of the plastic pedal. After lots of searching, I decided to buy MKS FD-7 alloy folding pedals (with chrome-molybdenum steel axles). These are Japanese products, not cheap Chinese pedals, and the quality shows in the fit, finish, and smooth bearings. I want to explain here how I attached the toe clips.


    1. I removed one of the reflectors, which are recessed within a metal rim. They are held in place by split prongs which engage in holes in the alloy frame. Using a small screwdriver, I compressed the prong and pushed the reflector out. I also used a thin blade to finish prying the reflector out once it was dislodged at the prongs. Since one of the reflector holes comes up against the main body block of the folding mechanism, there's very little clearance behind the hole, so little that you can't put a nut there to bolt the toe clip on in the usual manner.
    2. I then cut threads into the holes using a 1/4"-20 x 1/2" thread-cutting screw. Any good hardware store should have these screws. I lubricated the screw with a little smear of grease first. I backed it out once during the threading to clean off accumulated cuttings.
    3. After threading was completed, I backed out the screw and cleaned the screw and hole with a good grease-removing cleaner. I used Windex window cleaner, which leaves no residue, and a paper towel twisted.
    4. I stacked up 4 flat washers to almost fill the depth of the recess as backing for the plastic flange of the toe clip since the clip is too large to fit within the reflector recess but it fits nicely on the rim of the recess. Using a toothpick I aligned the washers with the hole nearest the hinge.
    5. I put another washer under the head of a 1/4"-20 x 3/4" non-threading screw and used it to screw the plastic clip onto the hole nearest the hinge, which is the shallow hole blocked by the folding axle mechanism. I had to ream out the slot of the plastic clip's flange a little for the screw to pass through.
    6. I put 4 more flat washers over the other hole that I had threaded. I took a 1/4"-20 x 1" round head machine screw with a washer under its head and screwed it through the other slot of the toe clip into the open hole of the pedal, but only so far as to reach the end of the pedal frame.
    7. Then I placed a 1/4"-20 nylon-inserted nut over the hole inside the frame so that it would engage the 1" screw as I screwed it the rest of the way. There isn't enough space for a wrench, but the hex sides of the nut will bump up against the pedal frame and not turn as you turn the screw.
    8. For extra security, you could put a drop of threadlock liquid onto the threads of the cleaned screws before you finally screw them in.
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    holes for reflectors are often spaced OK for toe clips .

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