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    how do you deal with transport bag issues?

    The weight of hauling this Flamingo around KL in a Bickerton bag becomes cumbersome fast. It also feels incredibly heavy.

    Amsterdam and Vancouver this is not. Sidewalks and anything but side roads are not so bike-friendly so I feel like a round peg in a square hole. This theory of rolling your bike works great in malls and airports but not in the working world.

    The bag thing is really an issue. LRT supposedly requires in a bag but the medium weight no real protection generic bag MBS in Singapore included is worse than having nothing as it doesn't fit. This Bickerton bag gives much more protection and is discreet (I am thinking if relying on 'wow' factor and just break the rules about covers). But such a thick oversized bag takes up precious space when packed. Right now have put it in a light shopping bag and bungeed it to rear rack. But that interferes with pedalling.

    The plan was Bickerton bag for flights and where necessary (some rapid transit requires). But it's BULKY. At moment in between hotels I got so fed up with the *weight* of my backpack plus bike plus front bag (sensibly added a proper shoulder strap designed for roundish human beings not boxes) that I stashed backpack at KL Sentral (RM5 per calendar day, clumsy security system of attendant receipts and tokens when could work with coins)

    I'm not convinced these folding bicycles actually work for life on the road. Maybe if all your stuff is in a hotel room or a boat but I find managing my existence on a 16" folder problematic in between guesthouses. Challenge is going to be finding Brompton clone LARGE rear rack bags that come off easy too. And convert to normal luggage.
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