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Folding Bikes Discuss the unique features and issues of folding bikes. Also a great place to learn what folding bike will work best for your needs.

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Old 05-19-14, 12:18 PM   #1
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Seatpost rack on a Brompton?

Has anyone used a seatpost rack on their Brompton? If so, how do you like it?

I'm planning to do some light touring(2-3 days) on my Brompton, I have the front mounting block and C-Bag. I've checked out the Brompton rear rack and seen the following setup, seems that I can carry A LOT MORE stuff with a rear rack, I especially like it that it can take a regular backpack at the back.


However, I have some reservations about the brompton rack:
  1. it'll add another ~2lbs, and vast majority of the time when I ride, I won't need it
  2. Expensive, ~$170 for parts and $200+ if have it installed by the bike shop
  3. This is purely subjective, but I don't like the look of a rear rack added to the Brompton

Which is why I'm considering a seatpost rack, they seem to be able to take similar weight, they're cheap, and I can take it on/off pretty easily when needed. One drawback I'm aware of is that I won't be able to carry a large backpack to the rack anymore since the rack will be much higher situated than the Brompton OEM one. Maybe a smaller backpack will still fit.

Any thoughts, experiences or ideas are welcomed.
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Old 05-19-14, 01:02 PM   #2
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I've looked at this too, if you have the rack too low down your heels will hit your luggage. Higher up and you will significantly increase the stress where the seat post enters the frame. This can lead to seat post, and/or much more expensive frame damage. It also makes folding the bike more inconvenient. I have mounted a handlebar bag mount at the top of my saddle post and limit the weight to around 4kg (including the bar bag) . Even so, it is much harder to raise and lower the saddle with the bar bag on. I only use it on my longest summer tours, but hope to be able to do away with it in the future.

IMHO the main reason to fit a Brompton rack is to reduce the buzz from the back wheel In my experience, it is only useful for carrying a bit of tarp we sit on at lunch and carrying two 1 l cartons of milk at the end of the day. Oh and carrying a rucksack as per the pictures you posted.
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Carradice Nelson, camper long flap off the B17 bag loops will hold a lot of stuff ..
That and the Touring bag will haul plenty of stuff ..

My Overload option is the Carry Freedom, City.. folding Trailer .. Carry Freedom Website | a bike trailer revolution

& NB: the extended Post is thicker tube wall than the standard post .. said to be 30% thicker tubewall ..

here is someone using a beam rack and the B's Rack, also Current Events Gallery

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Ha ha ha. just saw this. What is a B rack? Is it the R option? If not, how did that guy get all of that stuff on the back of the bike?
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Old 05-19-14, 06:34 PM   #5
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I just got the Brompton rack+fender and installed it the other day.

The rack makes the bike noticeably heavier when carrying it around. Not annoyingly so, but you do notice.

The Eazy Wheels are FRIGGING AWESOME when the bike is folded or half-folded, even if you just use them to reposition the bike on the ground. I'm looking forward to using the Brompton in "shopping cart mode".

The rack and fender is a pain in the ass to install, so if the shop offers to do it for you, and you are not wrench-handy, take the offer. My problem was dealing with small parts - I'm used to big parts and clearances on my non-folding bike, and everything in the Brompton is much smaller.

On the other hand, having a rear rack is essential to me. The included elastic cords with hooks are pretty good, and they let me easily secure my backpack - I hang it from the seat stays with a carabiner, and secure it with the Brompton's cords.

The rack puts the rear light in the correct location. Without rack, the light goes by the brake caliper, which doesn't seem right to me.

I do like the multi-storey approach in the photo that fietsbob posted
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Old 05-20-14, 03:56 PM   #6
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Wow, that Carry Freedom site just cost me a good 30 minutes. Interesting stuff.
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Thanks for sharing your experience and suggestions!
Hitting the luggage with my heels is something I haven't thought about for seapost rack, good to know...

I've also heard about tricky install for the Brompton rack, I think for now I'm not going to add it and just go with the seatpost rack option like this. Because it's just too expensive of an add-on for not much of a use for me most of the, and the bike weight is pretty much at the top of how heavy I would want to carry for 2-3 stories of subway stairs. Will re-consider having one installed for my next Brompton though

Oh, yes the eazy wheels are great and I frequently use the bike in shopping cart mode during grocery shopping. They should absolutely come standard on every Brompton, there is just no con for them...
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Old 05-21-14, 05:36 AM   #8
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What about a rear rack that would hang from the seat post and rest on either the rear axle or the rear stays?

Carradice's Bagman2 looks interesting, but might not work on folders. Strida's little rear rack looks nice too.

But then, some Brompton riders just use a seatpost rack.
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Old 05-21-14, 09:58 AM   #9
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Fabricate away Oh Winfried .. DIY is always a land to explore ..

UK based Steve Parry.. [seen] posted a picture of a rear rack that extended only as far back as the rear axle ..

but it seems ahead of the rear vertical/plumb-line passing thru the hub axle is where you get heel strike ..
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