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    Dahon Folder: joint that connects head tube and frame is cut and disconnected


    I got an old Dahon Stowaway a while ago and it was a good ride, but handle bar and head tube started get wobbly and one day the bike fell down and tiny metal piece that hold the joint was cut and disconnected. Here's the pic. see the cut and disconnected joint? hmm, so is there anyways to fix it? I thought about welding it but I guess it will be more expensive than getting another used dahon and wasn't too sure about safety either. any suggestion how to fix it or giving it second life? or any good ways to get rid of it with small profit?



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    not that there is anything wrong with a 25 plus year old bike, but in this case its time for a new one, obviously, judging by all the rust, it has seen better days.
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