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    Brompton 6 speed adjustment

    Hey guys! I GOT A BROMPTON!
    (Ill oost pics soon promise)

    So id like for this thread to discuss the 6 speed hub/derailleur combo.

    Ill start, is it safe to say we will be servicing two independent units? (2 speed derailleur and 3 speed hub)

    So I got a new s6l, and love it! I like to check my bikes speed mechanisms to at least get the groove of it. As a roadie you get used to regular deraillure. So this pulley system is new for me. And it should be easier to service then standard der., so i inspected it and found:

    3 speed hub - the unit is pretty as all sutrmeys are in my book. Adjusting the barrel i found out it had almost no thread connected to the adjuster. So i need to addres that. Got in tune with the gear tunning.

    2 speed hub - now this is new for me, and confising. The video from Brompton didn't help me. Its pretty straight forward pulleys pull and push, and need to not rub afterwards. The smalle cog was easy to tune as per Bromptons manual says, the BIG STAR is were it got complicated! This second gear (bigger ring) got me tweeking and tweeking! I couldn't clear both sides of the pulley puller combo! The gear changes fine, but only clearance of one side.
    (Ant tips on this are appreciated)

    Yesterday i went to #masacriticasanjuan and this bike was a hit. This aren't common down here in Puerto Rico. This will change, as im sure commuting is rising!

    Hope this thread helps on this topic. Feel free to add qiestions and commentary about this 6-speed. Plz stay on topic.
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