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    Advice Please! New Folding Elec-Tri-Cycle!

    Hi all,

    I'm new to this site, and happy to find this great place with many electric cycling fans! I would be very grateful if you could advise on possible routes to licensing out my father's invention of a Folding ElecTriCycle (well, that's how I call it for now...)

    It all started when my father unfortunately broke his leg a couple years ago. He was a chef design Director of a big company, and one day was tripped over when testing a new stage property :-( Although eventually managed standing on his feet, he can't walk freely as he used to. He then invented a Folding Electricycle, which can be folded into a suitcase for easy storage putting in car boot or taking on bus/tube for longer journey. It can also be folded into a chair to sit on and rest.

    My father used it when going on holiday with us, and there have been tremendous interests from people who saw how it worked. Many asked where to buy and how much it costs... When people heard it's the only one in the world, they all said it should be manufactured to benefit more people! Some even left their contact details to me, and asked me to contact them when possible to buy.

    As neither my father or myself is business-minded, we think the best thing to do is to sell or license it out to someone who is able to turn it into product quickly. However, I find it very hard to get the right channel to identify licensees. I would really like to know if you have any suggestions or advices on this! We have patent already granted in China, and PCT for international protection. Thank you very much in advance!

    I have attached 3 photos to show how it looks like when riding as a tricycle; sitting as a chair; and folding as suitcase. It looks very unattractive for now, as we could only use whatever we found from eBay to build it. It is just a simple prototype demonstrating folding concept. However, it can be easily transferred into a posh looking luxury in the right hands. For those who are interested in seeing it in action, please follow the link below:
    Portable ElecTriCycle - YouTube
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Careful with this. Did you apply for a patent? You don't want another Bill Gates coming along and steal it from right under you like he did years ago with Steve Jobs and his Macintosh computer.

    I'm no expert on this, but I do know that there are services that cities provide for people wanting to start up their own business venture. You need investors who are willing to put up funding for it's manufacture. Your father has a great invention there and you don't want it in the hands of the wrong people. Do you have a good business attorney?

    Something like this is perfect for the older crowd who have walking issues, and especially for those that have an RV.

    I wish you the best with this. Just be careful you don't get scammed. I'm sure you are on the up and up with that.

    "It's best to remain silent and be thought the fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt" -- Mark Twain

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    you will have potential interested arties sign non disclosure forms and and and... Usually thats the end of it as hardly anybody will sign these and will send you on your way.
    I assume you are located in China and looking for chinese production as well. There are many honorable persons in China who would not screw you, but unfortunaetely also a lot of them who would rip you off.

    But in all reality you will always have that problem .. the minute you actually start selling nice numbers, somebody will copy it, make it cheaper and sell more ... thats life .. all the patents and papers will not help .

    First I didnt like this, but more and more it does make sense and the prototype is executed very nicely.

    Much luck and best wishes
    Having fun selling Terns and Dahons for a living. My personal website is also my business website, same as my profile name, therefore no link given to follow forum rules.

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