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    ***please help, creaking sound, new birdy city premium 2014***


    I just received my Birdy City Premium after a 10 weeks order, and after about 2 minuets of riding I can hear an annoying creaking sound from the front end of the bike (WHEEL?).

    The creaking sound seems to happen after a few minutes of a new ride and will still be there even after stopping and pressing down on the handle bars.

    Whats strange is when I took the bike out the next day there were no creaking sound at the beginning but after a few minuets it returns.

    It does not seems to be from the handle bars or front Elastomer Suspension.

    Could it be the head set or something with the fold device or even the front wheel.

    The last thing I want to do is send it back and wait x amount of weeks for a repair/replacement.

    Any help would be great

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    My Birdy developed some squeaks and creaks after I got it, I tracked the noise down to the brakes (they moved around enough to be noisy) and the metal keeper which keeps that front brake from getting caught up when folding the bike. The standard brakes are rather low-end kit, so I replaced them with a set of XTR brakes and levers. I ditched the cable guide, abd just moved the cable to the side when folding my bike.

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