I realize that the 2005 Dahons are just starting to come through, but I wonder if any Forum participants have had any experience with the new "Neos" rear derailleur that is supplied with the 2005 Boardwalk D7 (and perhaps other models, I don't know).

I have the opportunity to swap a barely used 2004 D6 for a just-out-of-the-box 2005 D7, and I am trying to decide whether to do it. I will have to pay about $50 for the swap, but the cost is not the issue here, rather function, adaptability and reparability are what concern me most.

I am curious about the Neos. In terms of construction and materials, it looks like a much better derailleur than the one used on the older Boardwalks (including the 2004), but it is radically different in that it attaches to the frame an inch or so in front of the frame dropout, on the chain stay. The frame, of course, is modified to allow this, and there is no traditional derailleur hanger on the dropout.

Also, the 2005 has the integrated headset/fork. I know that passions run high in the cycling community as regards this trend, but I have never had one of these frames, so I don't have any insight. Dahon claims that it increases front end stiffness, but having taken a few spins on my 2004 D6 (and given its proposed use for short-distance commuting), I'm not convinced that this is needed.

I don't like the fixed height handlepost on either the 2004 or 2005 Boardwalk (it's far too high). I have ordered a Dahon Prolite Telescope handlepost for my 2004 D6 but it has not yet arrived. As the name implies, this handlepost can be adjusted in a vertical direction. I assume that, like the fixed height Dahon Revolve handlepost that it is replacing, it has a 1 1/8 in. (actual 25.4mm) quill fitting. Does anyone know whether the ProLite Telescope will fit the 2005 D7 with the integrated headset?

Finally, does anyone know if the rear triangle spacing differs between 2004 and 2005?

Lots of questions, I realize. Thanks.