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RenWerX Partner Announcement and Mega Media Release!

RenWerX is happy to announce that many more of your favorite Tribes mod's will be coming to Volitant Assault! RenWerX has recently reached partnership agreements with both Meltdown and Team Aerial Combat (TAC). We are all very excited to have the best mods apart of the upcoming game. Great Terra War (GTW) continues to help with the core game and their exciting mod, expect some previews soon.

Now we understand we have been starving you of media previews for quite awhile, however we hope this will make up for it. RenWerX is launching the website Volitant Assault, the actual website for the upcoming game.

To commemorate its launch we have stuffed it to the gills with information and preview images including several never before seen types like concept art, map previews, and more. So head on over to the new website to catch up on everything Volitant. If you would like to be automatically kept up with our latest news please join our mailing list. In addition we are still recruiting talented people and if you would like to give us a hand please see our jobs page. As always donations are also appreciated(helps cover licensing costs and such!