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Foo Off-Topic chit chat with no general subject.

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Old 12-11-05, 01:21 AM   #26
but wait! theres more!
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Originally Posted by my58vw
I was there when a friend of 4 years (17 years old) was killed hitting a tree at estimated 110 MPH. He was crushed so bad it was over in minutes, I held his hand as he died
oh dear
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I can't find my pants
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Originally Posted by baiskeli

Sorry about that, now that sounds painful. How long did it take to heal?
4 months in a cast. Healed wrong, so had to be rebroken. Another 7 months in a full leg cast. 2 months more in a walking cast. Still can't bend my heel all the way.

And since we're listing injuries:

broken leg
broken right arm - radius and ulna each snapped in 2 places.
broken left arm - joint at humerus broken with tendons/ligaments pulled.
finger crushed by 40 lb rock.
coccyx shattered in misjudged BMX jump.
numerous concussions.
stabbed in the ribs.
bitten by pitbull.

I'm sure there's more.
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I don't know how, but i've never broken any bones besides my hand (boxer's fracture or sometihng the doc said) when I punched a door, twice. First time I didn't know I broke it, hurt like hell but I didn't know, second time a few months later I knew it had to be broken cause it was pushing through the skin. and doc informed me I broke it before cause of the new bone growth visable on the x-ray and the doc couldn't set the bone right either. Now my right hand is crooked.

Nothing really bad, just sprained my knees, ankles, hyperextended everything at least once, bit through my lip twice during wrestling that had to get stitched (couldn't smile for 2 weeks!) and cut the bridge of my nose from my football helmet coming down. Buts that really about it...
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and that site is freakin terrible
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THC Freedom Fighter
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worse i've seen toss up between pick up truck that flipped over while on the freeway with 4 kids in the back of it or watching them use the jaws of life to cut out 3 or 4 people that were in a small car that was struck by a train...

mine was getting shot with a .357 through my hand- it split my hand in half.
Smoke all you want too, we'll grow more...
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unaangalia nini?
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Originally Posted by DannoXYZ
Sorry, typing too fast, I've fixed it...

My own most gruesome personal experience was on a Wed. morning ride with our club about 14 years ago. Coming back from Solvang on the 101 and we just passed an on-ramp. I hear the sound of a car coming on and it was getting a little too loud too quickly. BAMM! The guy was riding the white-line and plowed into the left-hand column of our double-paceline. Chip got flipped up onto the windshield, smashed his back & skull in, was probably dead right then. Ken was shorter, so he got hit squarely by the front-end of the car. Snapped his bike to smithereens and impaled him on his seatpost down to the top-tube. Noticed amongst all the gushing blood that his leg was missing. They found it stuck to the grill of the car which had continued down the highway and crashed off about 300m down the road. The guy was drunk at over twice the legal limit. I decided to do the EMT thing that day...

One of my favorite high-school teachers who taught PE and History would ride his bike to and from school everyday. Problem was he didn't wear a helmet. One day, after going around a corner with separate curved turn-lane, he got rear-ended by a car. They were probably turning right and was looking left for traffic and ran him over. I remember driving by and seeing them scoop his brains off the pavement...

When I was 4, one of my friends got blown up by a landmine. Shock and PTSS probably blocked it out completely, so I don't remember anything. My mom told me about it years later...

Umm, wow!!! Thats rough
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Thread Starter
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good lordy i cant belive some of the things you guys have seen and had happen to you. Some of those things are rough.
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