F-Secure reports on their blog that a new no-brainer tool has been made public so ANYONE can make their very own WMF exploit that I've been nagging about. F-Secure notes that the resulting files are highly variable and hard to detect.

McAfee reports that this new make-a-'sploit tool has been used to distribute a spam email containing the file HappyNewYear.jpg. Remember that if one of these arrives, you don't have to actually do anything except somehow have that picture show on the screen, and the exploit will run. If you use any email program that has a preview pane, turn it off.

This is a follow-on to my previous thread located here.

All Linux users are hereby awarded TWO coupons for a free jeer at Microsoft/Windows/Bill Gates Mods, any chance I could have a sticky for a week or so? If not, then kindly delete or lock this thread and I'll just let the chips fall where they may