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Foo Off-Topic chit chat with no general subject.

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Old 01-06-06, 11:05 AM   #76
flux capacitor
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Originally Posted by StanSeven
Housing prices vary significantly throughout the country but the costs for most other things don't. The other important items like bikes, food and beer are relatively stable.
Before moving to Houston I lived in San Diego for approximately 1 1/2 years ago. The average price of a home in that area is currently $400K +. That's not just single family homes, but condos, etc. as well. At that time the average cost of a gallon of regular gas was nearing $3.00. Even mundane things like entertainment (going to the movies, going out for a nice dinner) cost significantly more than I pay now. A gallon of milk was approaching $6.00, and a package of 2 chicken breasts was $8-$12. Taxes were higher, the cost of operating a vehicle was higher (registering in CA, smog checks, etc.), and I actually earned less than I do now for the same position.

Salary aside, it's been my experience that it's extremely easy to move to another area of the country and double or triple expenditures, excluding housing. The cost of goods and services varies GREATLY from one area to the next.
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Caustic Soccer Mom
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Well, if any of you well-heeled folks want to donate to the Appalachian Classic MTB race - proceeds go toward park maintenance & improvement - contact me at !
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tom cotter
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Originally Posted by Cadd
Tom, which Broker Dealer do you work for.....Pierce Fenner & Smith? Just curious. As for me, I only have 5 years of experience since college:

- Private Equity accounting
- Corporate Reporting
- Hedge Fund accounting
- Mortgage Finance

How much do I get paid? I think I'm average or a little below average for someone with my experience. I make more than $50k & less $100k.

I worked for one of the big wirehouses for most of my career. A few years ago I moved to a smaller Broker dealer that specializes in wealth management and fixed income. There is a huge movement within the financial services industry to move all clients to fee based payment platforms. Unfortunately, it entails a one size fits all cookie cutter format. Fee payment isn't in every client's best interest, nor are the cookie cutter investment vehicles offered as professional money management. I moved to a firm that was more interested in giving the clients flexibility and choices than adding up how much had been added to the fee generating machine every day. Still, for anyone looking to start a career in this business I recommend starting with a major wirehouse. Their training programs are top shelf and they still offer the greatest opportunity for success in an industry with a high dropout rate. On the other hand I'd stay away from banks and insurance companies to start, as most only want their sales force to push annuities and mutual funds. Both of these products have a place, but, neither is the final answer for all clients.
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For a bit over $50k I routinely test my company's internet connection stability by downloading movie previews in 720p HDTV format while surfing multiple forums and blogs. And I'm told I'm the resident Pro/Program guru. Not sure what that means, though.

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Bike Junkie
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Originally Posted by peregrine
I'm 22, just got my B.A. in May and got a job as a lab technitian for 28,000 a year. I'm doing research for a lab in the dermatology department of a big university/hospital here in Portland. The money's not much but then this job's gonna be for 2 years because currently I'm taking a couple of years off before I continue with grad school and so on.
So when you gonna get your PhD? I'm 22 and stopped going to college one class short of an A.S degree.

I'm a full time Book Keeper, saving to start a frame building business which I hope to accomplish withing three years...
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My Alphabit's say "Oooo"
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Currently I make $12.50/hr ($18.75/hr Overtime) as a CNC Lathe Operator at a Precision Gear Shop.

My job mostly entails listing 50lb rough shapes of steel airplane propellor shafts in and out of a machine about 30 times that turns them into 18lb precision propeller shafts. Then my dad (who works at same place as I do) cuts the gear into the shaft and we ship it out to the plane company once we've made 50 of them.

It's a rather boring job, the majority of it I'm just sitting on my butt waiting for the machine to finish. Each part is in the machine from start to finish for about 15 hours, with maybe 3 hours of that me having direct interaction with the piece. Multiply that times 50...
3*50 = 150 Hours of actual work
12*50 = 600 Hours of sitting on my butt, listening to my iPod, singing, air guitaring, BSing with co-workers, and getting paid for it

2 hours per days of actual work
8 hours per day of just being paid

The "actual work" part does whoop my butt pretty good though and is spaced out through the day.
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The wages of sin are death, but after taxes I'm only left with a tired feeling.
Iím not familiar precisely with exactly what I said, but I stand by what I said whatever it was.
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Wood Licker
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Originally Posted by chipcom
Dude, you ain't listening...outsourcing has nothing to do with 'remotely'. We 'are' the IT department for this company...we don't do it from some remote location, we come to work everyday on-site, hands-on. Don't confuse outsourcing with offshoring.
Difference in terms. I see where you are coming from now. And I keep a close eye on my competition ...thanks for the heads up
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Wood Licker
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Originally Posted by Dwayne
I'm a software developer/engineer. Graduated two years ago from Penn State with a BS in computer engineering. Offered a fulltime position with the company I had been working part time for during school. $40K/year, no bonuses, mediocre benefits, but was told pay would increase. Two years later I'm still making $40K/year with the same benefits, even after asking several times whether we'd ever get a raise or a bonus (and it's always coming in the near future). Needless to say I've been very actively looking for a new position anywhere from DC to Atlanta. Have a few leads, but could always use a helping hand if anyone knows of anything.
You are in a saturated advice...hold on till the weak give up, then dive in for the money. IT will eventually pay off for the persistent
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