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    CRC Coffee place good (MPLS)

    Flat tire on my way to work today, but i fixed my back one yesterday. I made it all the way to CRC on Lyndale which means I put my back tire on correctly for once. Thank you to the guy who works there for fixing my they have great coffee, rasselberry white chocolate scones(my favorite) and straighten your breaks out. Wow what a place and right by uptown. So, if you live in uptown mpls you have no reason, but to go there! Nice folks running the place, great atmosphere, and tons of good zines.
    It is up there with the Hardtimes and Matchbox zine collection! It is nice warm and inviting!

    I think even if you didn't ride a bike you would like the place.

    And I do appreciate the break straightening, but personally breaks are over rated. I am happy when the bike goes forward and some of my bikes go backward as do some of yours. Of course I fall down when I do that, but that is funny. I fall down going foward! I see a pattern.

    Anyhowskies, good place to have coffee! Go down there! Now.

    One last thing...Lyndale between lake street and 35 w is the worst bike stretch in mpls for me. I used work in Richfield down there and go by where CRC is all the time and for me it is ironic that Cars are Coffins is on the street where I think needs to have a reminder to drive safely, not drive at all or as much, and just pay attention to what is going on in the world. Ride a bike and enjoy the weather cold or not! I don't know if that is where they are coming from, but that is my interpertation.

    Or who has been there? What do you think of it?


    So, maybe you don't have a pair of bike socks that say smell this by the toes, but I do and they look very cute today at work because i am wearing my mary janes with them and my co workers can see the smell here on my socks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angel
    breaks..... breaks.... breaks... breaks...........

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    Idon't get it
    but reading the description reminded me of that new song.
    . i htink its by reba macentire.
    Life is about hanging onto what you think is important and finding out what really is important.
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