Instead of studying this morning, I decided to make some changes to my website. In addition on updating my pages on the Gazelle Champion and my 'Bikes' Page, I had a few things I wanted to add to the Cycling Log. Link is in my sig - feel free to poke around. See if you can break anything, and I'm open to suggestions and all feedback.

Most of the changes are in the 'Year to Date' view that you get when you first click on the link. I have added links to the 'Week In View' for each Ride, as well as added a 'Show Details' link to the page that will display my notes for each ride.

Btw: I know I haven't done the 'Month in View' yet - been waiting on that to see if it's really actually needed or not.

I am considering adding a link on the 'Ride Type' column for rides that are full on organized rides so I can link over to my Ride Reports page for that particular ride. That or I'll just write in the html link into the note. haven't decided yet.