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    Cash Cab on Discovery Channel - Any NYC folks taken a ride??

    [note... I originally posted this in the Books/Movies/Entertainment forum, but the post got almost no hits... maybe it's the topic, maybe it's that not as many folks read that forum... but I think more folks in Foo Nation will appreciate this fun show anyway....]

    Has anyone watched the show "Cash Cab" on the Discovery Channel? It's HILARIOUS!

    Game show that takes place in an NYC cab. The contestants get the length of their cab ride to answer as many questions as possible. If they get three wrong, the cabbie pulls over and kicks them out.

    The cab has a ceiling that looks like the floor at Studio 54 and riders just about freak out when the host/driver turns on the lights to tell them they are on a game show in his cab.

    Contestants can do a mobile shout out on the phone and a street shout out to a random passerby if they are stumped on a question.

    Totally a GREAT concept for a game show and VERY enjoyable.

    If you haven't seen it, or passed it over, definitely watch for a while.

    And to anyone in NYC, be on the lookout for the cash cab and win a few bucks!

    Besides, it's the Discovery Channel, so by watching you are directly supporting cycling!

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    I watch it all the time.

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