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    IRS omg omg . HELP !!!

    Ok, here is the situation.. In 2004 I reported my taxes incorrectly. One of my employers never gave me the tax papers so I forgot to report $ 4616. Now, the IRS sends me a letter requesting that I pay the adjusted taxes + interest .. but here is the kicker.. After the adjustmet, I exceeded the limit for lifetime learning credits by $ 18. thats right, 18 dollars. So now they wanted me to pay them back an additional amount of $ 920. + interest.

    I sent them a payment of the adjusted taxes and interest for everything but the education credits and then they wrote me a letter that they want the remainder of the balance...

    Here is what I need help with..

    Has anyone ever asked the IRS to give them a break ? to help them out with something like this ? I want to write a letter to them and ask them to " forgive " this small variation because I am still a full time student and this money is hard to come by ...

    Any ideas ? what are my odds of getting them to give me a break ?

    Any suggestions for how to word the letter to them ??

    _ HELP !
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    My sister has worked for the IRS for twenty years and this is what I got from her, several years ago.

    Write a letter to them explaining how the error occurred. Basically, beg them for mercy. Adjusters have the authority to reduce or eliminate the penalties or interest. However, it is extremely rare that they will forgive both. They should allow you to pay out any balance without accruing any more interest.

    I hope this helps.
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